“miniTrips” city guide was launched in 2017 with the aim of gathering as much information as possible about various Lithuanian cities, presenting recommended routes, descriptions of sightseeing places and more information in one place.

While traveling around we noticed that some tourist information centers often don’t provide very accurate information – they only show attractions in approximate locations, do not show all the objects that we think are interesting or might be useful during the city visit.

In “miniTrips” city guide for every larger city (and sometimes smaller cities too) in Lithuania we are trying to present a complete section of information that is relevant to those who already like traveling in Lithuania or those who want to start analysing our country. All the cities whose information you can find in the project has already been visited by ourselves in recent years.

Creator of the project

The author and creator of the “miniTrips” city guide project is Bernardas Šliamka, 23 year old student living in Vilnius.

The interest in urban development, constructions of new buildings in different cities and infrastructure changes led to the creation of the “miniTrips” blog about one-day trips to Lithuania, where the author shared long descriptions of different Lithuanian cities. After collecting a lot of information and photos, it was decided to provide it in a more appropriate, easier-to-reach format. In 2017 a “miniTrips” city guide was created.


At least two people go on every “miniTrips” trip, one of them is always the author Bernardas Šliamka. Other team members traveling together:

Jonas Žvirgždas
Linas Strakšys

Traveled, contributed and supporting

We often try to find local people who can help us plan the most appropriate route or even show interesting objects while traveling together.

Thank you (alphabetically) for helping us to plan and even for the transport, food and entertainment during the trip!

Daumantė Akstinavičiūtė
Justė Kareivaitė
Eglė Katkutė
Indrė Mitrulevičiūtė
Tom Zmitrulevičiūtė
Lukas Žmoginas


You can contact the “miniTrips” project author by email or social networks. All contacts are here.